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otter in the rain by samuel123

Call me too nice and shallow, but I see this masterpiece genuine and expressive. The raindrops, grasses, the odd-looking lonely tree an...


The Traveler vs. Tourist - A Matter in Question by diarynaruto21

You keep hearing about people telling you to be a traveler instead of lingering around in the form of a tourist. Well, there is a great difference – in a tiny amount, that is. A traveler, from its basic definition in New Oxford American Dictionary, is a person who simply travels. A tourist, on the other hand, is a person who is traveling or visiting a place for pleasure. Make sense or what?CURSE YOU! 


The discourse had been making rounds on online forums and travel conferences, clearly developing ingenious ideas and shrewd distinctions between the two monikers. It led us to create a quick reflection on ourselves, whether we fit the description of either a traveler or a tourist - whenever we go exploring or plainly sight surfing from our couch.


What makes it even more interesting (or shut-minded) is when almost all people had agreed to conclude the debate into one saying – be a traveler, not a tourist, in terms of traveling. Though we could have just dropped the subject by now and let it be washed off down the drain, yet we could not bear to see anyone to do their exploring stints in fear and cautiousness, afraid of everyone to see them as mere tourists or worst, traveling in the wrong way.


To tell you the truth, this is not the core point of traveling at all!No, I disagree!  Travel should offer limitless boundaries of any undertaking and an unenclosed space for new knowledge and pleasure as well. It should be free and unyielding, instead of following the norms and predominance choices of the body.


Although there is nothing with coming out and carrying either a label or some kind of identity, however, what makes it totally erroneous is when people restrict themselves to what they love doing and losing their selves in the process.


‘You guys don’t understand! It’s the cliché! There’s a better choice!’ Rage 


Yes, we understood every single fiber of it. And yes, we are aware of its savvy uptake.  We are susceptible in making great and smart choices and that’s good. Each of us tends to differentiate every option to draw out better results and for our own self-satisfaction.


In this context, the ‘traveler’ concept pretty won the argument by the wise course of action oozing from it. Travelers have a propensity to explore the depths of a culture and beating away from the usual routes and bearing, whilst tourists are mostly guided and simply feasting their eyes with beauty. Often, travelers are entitled to be more curious and daring, giving tourists a bit shallow description and frail image.


Nonetheless, both are persons who want to travel and experience the world. We just need to remember that each of us is different and has unique preferences when it comes to traveling.



The most important of all…


is for you to feel the satisfaction and fulfillment while venturing on a journey. It’s the perks of traveling and might as well not lose its purpose in the first place.


We will be able to gain new perspectives, meet new friends and got to explore unknown places all in one jacketed odd ball. Huggle! Your personal travels depend mostly on the places or situations and it is up to you if whether you would turn to a traveler mode or simply a tourist on foot. Yes, you could be either of the two and there is no (as of this writing) regulations or law to keep you within bounds on how you would travel. All that matters is for you to have a vivid outlook of exploration – and how marvelous and infinite it is.deviantART 

 Image by Skit Vosotros

The Traveler versus Tourist: A Matter in Question
I usually get various debates upon this impending 'travel identity' issue and here's my own take about it. 


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Diary Vosotros
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
Yeah, it's been awhile I haven't got this interface updated. Had a lot of significant events and even the crazier ones in the last two years. But, I am not going to talk about it here since this is just a plain Biography section of this page and it needed some content. Anyway, I had one of my dreams come true from my last bio checklist and that was making my own short film! :) (For a short glimpse of it, see link below ;) ) Though I did make a couple or more in my college projects, but I'm really so proud of this one. I truly see it as my best creation so far. Still looking forward in making more, though. Got bigger plans for the first quarter of 2016 so let's start working!

Yeah, just got my degree last summer. And with this, I got my first writing job online, my first video editing employment and now, let's remain it a mystery for now.

Well, I don't know if I still making any sense but gonna leave this profiling here. Ciao. Gokigenyo.


Disappearing Act

Thu Apr 25, 2013, 7:31 AM by diarynaruto21:icondiarynaruto21:
Well, not what the title of this journal entry meant, I did not really disappear physically but I just want to get away from everything...or everyone.  I just don't understand people sometimes. They're like assuming everything around them will be forever be there and tasting all luxuries that seems to be, for them, are never ending and bottomless. I admit, I'm living my luxuries too, but they're too much. Thinking was their last straw in decision-making. And do you know what makes me worse and want to vomit on their nauseating faces? Their attempt to hurt others by omitting their goodness and left what they don't feel like looking. UGH! Can I disappear for a moment and make me blind to what they are doing? These are defaults for being observant. You never leave a place without looking and curiosity. I don't want to do anything to them, instead, I don't want to see them. Period.

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